XBox One vs PS4 12-month Poll Results


So our XBox vs PS polls are now closed, and it was an interesting battle.  Over a year ago, we posted a poll on this site asking what you all thought was going to be the best new console.  At first, due to lots of internet hype about Microsoft Xbox’s insane theoretical features, the lead was in favour of the XBox One (originall coined as the XBox 720).  However, through the release of both consoles and into regular use in the mass market, the Sony Playstation 4 took the win as the best new gaming console.  We will post a new poll for XBox One vs PS4 now, and see how it goes now that the systems are both in regular use by all of us!

3D Interface Potentially Coming for the New XBox 720

 With all of the hype around 3D screens and movies, it is rumored that the XBox720 will be set with a 3D console interface.  Beyond 3D gaming, this will round out the 3D concept allowing advanced features, especially when potentially combined with Kinect or other such applications.

Our thoughts?  It’s a bit of a mess…  3D in gaming is cool, but 3D for adjusting settings is just a gimmick.  It will also cause kids to wear a 3D headset for hours on end – I’d be surprised if you could walk strait after that!

PS4 to Use Android Software Platform?

Due to the many recent partnerships between Sony and Google, speculators have predicted that the Playstation 4 console may feature a custom Google Android software platform.  This might make a lot of sense.  First, Sony is not a software developer by tradition.  Second, Google could pair in a number of additional console features.  Third, we all know Google loves it’s advertising revenues, and what a better place than in front of millions of gamers.

The features are the big one…  PS4 and XBox 720 are both going to battle hard to throw in a bunch of new technological “marvels”.  Raw gaming power will simply not be enough to win the battle.  Sony would be smart to partner up with one of the most innovative companies of our time.

Google is also well versed in launching software platforms: They could use the tricks that won them majority market share in the mobile smartphone market to sweep into a similar plan in gaming through the next generation Sony PS4 console.

Microsoft may outsource XBox 720 production

Microsoft is considering outsourcing much of the new generation XBox 720 to other companies who may be better suited to handle the techinical requirements.  As with most information about the Xbox720 right now, this is just a rumor, and no official details have been released.

Two Versions of the XBox 720 May Be Released

Microsoft is supposedly preparing to launch two models of the next generation XBox Gaming Console.  One as a low quality version, and the other as a “super XBox”.  The latter will be backward compatible, along with a variety of other hardware and feature upgrades.  No notice of what those specific differences will be, but we will keep you posted.

New XBox 720 Mockups / Design Renders

Some new releases of potential XBox 720 mock ups were pushed out.  Again, as per everything else currently surrounding XBox720 News, this is probably a rumor.  In any case, here they are.  They were also released with these XBox 720 Specs: “The console has an 8-core processor for super-speed performance up to 20 times faster than previous Xbox models. It supports 3D, 4K2K, multiTV (DPConnect), live TV and webcam, as well as GPS that allows users to view the location of any other user on an active map”.

XBox 720 and PS 4 will be released near each other

Yes, it has been long predicted that the XBox 720 and PS 4 would release simeltaneously, but Sony just made a semi-official statement confirming this.  CEO Jim Ryan of PlayStation Europe commented that release would be within the same year.  Mostly still rumors, but we’ll keep an eye out for more.

Game Titles Potentially for the New Playstation 4 Console

As a game rumor roundup, we scoured our sources and insiders to find out what game releases are potentially in the lab at Sony’s studios for the next generation Playstation (PS4).  Here is what we found:

  • Metal Gear Solid 5
  • Gran Turismo 6
  • Grand Theft Auto 5

Pretty short list, but they won’t stay hidden for long if they’re in the works.  Stay tuned…